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Over the past few weeks, I’ve published a series of blog posts that can help you take your idea, turn it into an e-book and launch it to create a new income stream for your blog or in your business.

Feel free to check out my previous posts on this series below to get a full understanding of the steps you need to take to write, format, launch and sell your first e-book.

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  3. How to make consistent passive income from your digital products

There is some more work to do in order to make passive income from it. This is where most people fail.  They miss the opportunity to create it as a true passive income source in their business.

They create a digital product, they have a huge launch for it, but once the launch period is over, they stop promoting their product, and, What Next? A little to no sales.

But you know what the true beauty of creating a digital product is?

You launch it today and make a profit from selling it months and years down the line (which is what I currently do with my digital products, and all on autopilot!).

That’s called passive income. But that requires a little bit of work beforehand.

You can’t expect to just wait for the sales to fall in your lap without a strategy. Correct?

In this post, I am going to share with you 5 key strategies I use to make a consistent income after launching my e-books. These strategies work well with other digital products too.

So let’s dive into the details..

 5 Strategies To Make More Sales For Your Ebooks

I’ve put together 5 simple strategies you can use to generate more sales for your e-book especially if you sell it on your own website.

You can implement all the five strategies or one or two. It’s up to you.

Once you implement these strategies, you can fully automate them so they create that passive income that you dreamed of.

1 | Build Your Affiliate Team

The moment you stop promoting your e-book, it stops getting exposure. You might have to odd sale here and there from people stumbling into it, but you need active promotion and a growing reach to keep making sales.

Imagine that this is your current situation…..

>>>You’ve already exhausted your current audience (People hate seeing only product emails from you)…..

>>>You simply want to add a more passive strategy to your marketing plan….

>>>You do want to work on other projects…

>>>You want to increase the sales of the products…

And the ideal solution for that is to work with affiliates!

How can you create an affiliate team to promote your E-books?

Using a platform like Send Owl or Teachable to sell your digital products allows you to work with affiliates so that other bloggers and influencers in your niche can promote your products for a commission.

Having an affiliate program means that people can sign up to promote your e-book and make sales for you.

A win-win for you and your affiliate.

Make a sale (hopefully more) every day. Cool right?

I have a team of 170 affiliates that keeps growing and they are an essential part of my marketing plan. They share my products with their audiences, and in return, for every sale made, they get 35% commission. (Check out my affiliate program here!)

The key here is, a person has to hear about a product at least 7 times before they make the decision to buy it.  Having a team of affiliates in the same industry praising your product is an excellent strategy.

2 | Create a simple Email Funnel

Do you feel uncomfortable when you promote your product to your email list? Do you think everybody already knows about it then why should you send them those emails and appear too salesy?

I think you are forgetting something here.

Don’t you expect new people joining your list every day? What about them?

They might not be familiar with all of your work or your products.

They might not even know that you have an e-book. (And they never will, unless you share it.)

And that’s where email funnels come into play!

Email funnels are a series of dedicated and automated emails that you can set up to be sent to subscribers so that everyone gets the same emails on a schedule you set up (for example, they get an email the day they join, another email 2 days later, another email 3 days later and so on).

You can use an Email Service Provider to actually segment your list and send an automated email series to only a particular segment.

I use convertKit to create my email funnel.

While creating your sales funnel, you need to consider one thing – your content, lead magnet/freebie and e-book topic should align with each other.

This email funnel allow you to introduce yourself to your audience, offer value, build trust, and after that pitch your e-book.

Here’s how I to up an email sales sequences:

Day 1: Deliver the opt-in incentive, introduce yourself, and ask your subscriber a question about the topic of your opt-in incentive

Day 2: Share some tips about the topic of your opt-in incentive and offer a solution to a common problem your subscriber may face

Day 3: Bring up the problem you mentioned yesterday and mention how your product is a solution to that problem

Day 4: Provide more value by sharing some additional tips/secrets with your subscribers.

Day 5: Remind your subscribers one more time about your product and how it will help them and let them that after today, they will be added to your regular weekly newsletter

If you want the EXACT template that I use for my email sequences, grab a copy of the Smart Sales Sequence! It’s a fill-in-the-blank template you can use to craft the perfect email sales sequence.

3 | Content Marketing

In order to make money from selling an e-book, It is very crucial to send high-quality traffic to the sales page and introduce people who really care about the topic to your book.

How can you do that?

The easiest way to talk specifically to the people who have the problem that your e-book is solving, is by using your existing content.

You can also create new blog posts, videos, emails, and podcasts and so on to form a content marketing strategy.

For example, when I launched my e-book Package Pin Smart For Profit, I went back to all my blog posts about Pinterest, Make money blogging and Affiliate marketing, and introduce my e-book in 1 or 2 paragraphs.

I also included a call to action, where I simply asked people to check it out if they need more information than what I can include in a blog post.

Read these blog posts to know how I did that.

The strategy here is, if people are already reading that blog post, you know that they are interested in growing their Blog income. So your e-book is highly relevant to them and you will get a lot of high-quality traffic and a better conversion rate when it comes to sales.

A good content marketing strategy is to start creating content about the topic of your e-book or product BEFORE the launch so that you attract a relevant audience.

You also have to create a valuable freebie for the blog post.

So not only are you offering a lot of value to your readers for free, but you are readying them to buy your e-book and promoting it in a very organic way.

But don’t forget that in order for this strategy to work, you need to have constant traffic to your blog posts. A really easy way to automate that and make sure that new people are discovering your blog every single day is to promote it on Pinterest and use Tailwind to schedule or loop your pins. (my favorite method of getting traffic)

4 | Sell it as a Tripwire/One Time Offer

After launch, the excitement for your products starts decreasing and the scarcity goes away. People don’t feel the same pressure of time to buy your e-book (if you were offering any special bonuses or discounts while launching).

Your audience feels they can buy the product at any time. No hurry.

The chances are high that they will never buy.

One smart way to fix this, induce a little bit of scarcity and give people an extra push to buy your e-book on the spot is to offer the e-book as a tripwire/one time offer.

See an example of mine below.

Tripwire pages are basically pages that appear when someone signs up for a freebie.

Instead of a Thank you page, you set up a tripwire page that gives your reader a limited time discount on your e-book.

For example, I give people an opportunity to snag my e-books and my other digital products with a 40% – 50 % , but the offer is only valid for 15 minutes once they reach the tripwire page, so they have to act quickly.

If you don’t know how to set up a tripwire funnel, check out this tutorial.

 5 | Do A Flash Sale

This is pretty common, you will have seen this everywhere.

This is a great way to make a bunch of sales in a short amount of time.

If your e-book is not selling that well, or you just want to increase the sale: I highly recommend that you run a FLASH SALE.

A good way to do this is to give a hint to your readers/subscribers a couple of days before you run the flash sale.

So people have an idea and they can mentally prepare to spend some money from their credit card.

Then run it for maybe a weekend. Don’t do it more than 72 hours.

My flash sales have performed so well that they have created spikes in my revenue and allowed me to reach those followers that would maybe not pay full price for a digital product. (As someone who always shops in the “SALE” section of stores and online stores, I can totally relate to this!)

There are numerous sales you can have and you get to decide what discount you offer and for how long the sale will go for.

Here a few ideas of sales you could have: a flash sale, a Black Friday sale, a holiday’s sale (whatever the holiday is, use it as an excuse!), an “it’s my birthday” sale, “Blog anniversary sale”, an “i’m updating the ebook and the price will go up” sale and so on.

Smart Tip: – For running successful sales, plan it out, get your affiliates involved, make it really clear on your sales page that you’re offering a limited time discount you can have a banner with the discount code a rundown timer. Email your list multiple times during the sale.

These are my 5 strategies to make more passive income by selling e-books, or spike your sales if you’re having a slow month.

Other than this I use few more strategies to get sales.

  • Promote on Pinterest – I create 2-3 Pinterest graphics and promote it consistently on Pinterest. Promote through FB page
  • Promote on Facebook – I am a member of multiple Facebook groups. I utilize the “share your win” days , “promote your product” days to promote my e-books. I also promote them on my Facebook Page.
  • Promote on other social media – I tweet about my e-books occasionally on twitter.

That’s it.

I would love to hear from you as always. What is the one creative way you have tried to sell your digital products? Let me know in the comment below.