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Affiliate marketing is one of the leading ways to make passive income. It can even become a big source of revenue for your blog.

The key to maximize affiliate income depends on producing valuable content and gaining the trust of your readers.

In this post, I am going to share with you 10 simple and easy tips to promote affiliate products.

* In order for this tutorial to work you will need a blog. Starting a blog is easy and you can set up your own site for less than $4 a month! Here is my full tutorial on how you can set up your blog in 10 minutes.*

Affiliate marketing is one of the leading ways to make passive income. In this post, I am going to share with you 12 simple and easy tips to promote affiliate products

1 | Write a tutorial Post:

Some of my highest-converting affiliate posts are in the style of a how-to guide. People searching for how-to guides and tutorials want to learn how to do something, and they are usually ready to take action.

Write out step-by-step instructions to use the product. Include screenshots where ever required.

This one is awesome for a few reasons:

  • It will appeal to readers who prefer written content to video content
  • It works well for physical products
  • All that text will contain keywords that will help you get search engine traffic

Eg: – In my post How to Start a Profitable Blog, I include an affiliate link for Siteground, my web hosting provider. When someone starts a blog after clicking my link, I earn a commission from Siteground (at no extra cost to them.)

2 | Write a review post

67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. If you have deep experience with a product, write an honest, in-depth review to help consumers make important buying decisions.

If you are doing a review of e-courses or e-books, share the result you got with the strategies mentioned in the product.

If you are doing a review of digital products like software or other digital tools, consider creating a video demo to show people how to use it.

If you’re doing this tactic with physical products (think beauty, fashion, gadgets, toys, etc.), consider adding an unboxing video to your review to demonstrate what it looks like before and after you open the packaging.

In the above, all three cases, make sure to write a benefit-oriented review than a feature-oriented one.

3 | Create a resource Page

This is a great way to showcase your affiliate products.

People love to emulate success.

One of the most popular ways to earn with affiliate links is to share the tools and products you use for running your blog and business.

Create a dedicated site page, linked in your navigation to draw regular eyeballs.

Some people create an extraordinary resource page by adding logos, product descriptions, and a button to go to the website/sign up for the trial.

Include if there is any special discount you can offer for using your affiliate links.

See my Blogging tools recommendation page for reference.

4 | Promote through Pinterest

At this moment, using affiliate links on Pinterest is allowed.

You can promote affiliate links directly through Pinterest.

For example, if you are promoting an e-book, you can either use a promotion image given by the E-book creator or create an image by yourself and upload it to Pinterest.

And when you promote affiliate link directly on Pinterest, follow these two other simple rules:

  • Don’t use short links.
  • Disclose that the link is an affiliate link
  • Include a keyword-rich description and don’t forget to include relevant hashtags.

Smart Tips:- Create multiple pins for the same product and Pin it regularly without spamming your boards.

Read:- How to promote Affiliate links on Pinterest.

5 | Write a roundup post based on a theme

In this method, you roundup a list of resources centered on any theme you’d like.

The most popular version of this would be gift guides centered on special occasions and holidays.

Just keep in mind it needs to be relevant to your audience.

So if you’re a food blogger, you could recommend baking tools.

If you’re a parenting blogger, you could recommend non-toxic toys or learning/activity books for an age group.

To make your roundups stand out, think about:

  • Incorporating visuals like images or screenshot Or video
  • Choosing a narrow focus (Christmas gifts for Teen son, non-toxic toys for 1-2 year old)
  • Using Google Adwords Planner/keywords everywhere chrome extension/Pinterest keyword search to target keywords for search traffic
  • Going deep by providing more tools and details than competitors

Example:- 7 tech investments I made in my first year of blogging.

6 | Write a comparison Post on Affiliate Products in The Same Category

When diligent shoppers are in the market for a product – especially high-end items like a Laptop, Smartphone, DSLR camera, premium software or a baby stroller, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re reading multiple reviews of different models before a decision gets made.

Capitalize on that by comparing multiple products within the same category, in either digital or physical product categories.

You can even add a visual comparison chart to help people decide at a glance which product is right for them.

Example posts:

Product X vs Product Y. Which one to buy?

Why I switched from Product X to Product Y?

7 | Interview the product creator

This affiliate approach produces a rich piece of content that takes almost no time to put together.

All you have to do is prepare a handful of questions and use them in an interview with someone at the product company.

Since the content you create will lead to brand awareness and sales, companies of all sizes have people willing to answer questions by phone, email or even video.

Let’s see an example..

As part of her affiliate promotion of Making sense of affiliate marketing, Meera Kothand interviewed course creator Michelle on her blog.

8 |Add Affiliate Products to Pre-Existing Content

Let old content to work for you. Chances are you’ve published a lot of content before joining your first affiliate program so go ahead and add affiliate links to them.

When editing the content, you could even go all out and revamp the post entirely, giving you bonus SEO points.

Here are two ways to choose which posts to tweak:

  • Start with your most popular posts – this can increase your income overnight
  • Search content for keywords related to the product

9 | Share an Affiliate Product Coupon Code

Using coupon codes in your affiliate promotions is win/win – your audience is rewarded and you still make great commissions.

Most affiliates know when companies have public coupon codes available – you can find them in your affiliate dashboard or inbox (welcome email, the recent newsletter from your affiliate manager).

You can also request a coupon code especially for your audience from affiliate manager or product creator.

10 |Dedicate a page to Showcase Affiliate Products

Create an affiliate Product shop on your site to showcase the learning resources like e-books and e-courses you purchased and love.

You can do it by creating a dedicated page for showcasing the products with a small description.

Smart Tip:- Ask for a special discount code for increasing the conversion.


I would love to hear from you as always.

What is the one way you have tried to promote products? Let me know in the comment below.