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You must have heard bloggers saying about making passive income through creating a Sales Funnel.

You might be thinking…. Sales Funnel??? What the heck is that?

Or you might have created a sales funnel and waiting for making passive income….and you know what…… it’s not working….Grrrrr…

There will be a tone of questions in your mind like….

Does sales funnel have to be 5 emails?

When you create a sales funnel, keep one thing in your mind that it should help you to win, nurture and lead someone to your paid offering by providing valuable content.

5 Key strategies to create a sales funnel that brings in profit every single day

 1|Choose just ONE paid offering to Promote.

The key factor for a successful sales funnel is choosing the right product to promote.

Promoting multiple products in one sales funnel makes it unfocused and ineffective.

People will get confused and that will ultimately lead to NO purchase.

You should make sure that all the content provided in the sales funnel should be completely aligned with one single product.

For example – you have created an email series of 5 emails. On which you promote Product A in one email, Product B on the next email. After receiving the email for promoting Product A, your subscriber decided to buy that, the next day she gets another email promoting Product B. She will get confused and start ignoring your emails or she might even unsubscribe from your list.

2|Decide on what TYPE of sales funnel you are going to create

There are many types of sales funnels. For Example Email funnel, webinar funnel, Video Course etc..

Choose a method that is comfortable for you and suits your product.

Some people prefer doing a video recording, others may prefer sending emails.

To save time and effort, find out whether you already have content that you can use in creating a sales funnel. For Example Webinar recording, E-mail Course, Email Series Etc…

Then arrange it in the structure you want it to present before your audience.

Example – Your product is an E-Course on Time management. You already have an email course “Master Time Management in 5 days”. You can modify the email course and mention your paid product in those emails. Also, add one or two emails to that series to promote your product.

 3|Ensure your free content is directly related to your paid offering

You need to include tons of valuable content directly relate to the paid product. If the product is not relevant, people will not buy.

What if your free content is on how to become a successful freelance writer and your paid product is on How to get six pack on 60 days.

Wouldn’t it be confusing your reader? Yes. It would.

Well… how to create a sales funnel then..

When I decide to buy a product, I will check the website for more data. Only if I get convinced with the information available on the site on the product topic, I will make a purchase.

We’ll take the same example I mentioned in the second point. You have a product and a free email course on the same topic. That’s not enough for people to get convinced.

So before creating a sales funnel, make sure that you already have 4-5 blog posts on that particular topic. That will help you gain the confidence of your reader.

4|Make your Paid offering is the next logical step

By the time you introduce the product to your subscriber at the end of the funnel, they should be properly educated on the topic of what the heck is your paid offering is and why it is important. Why do they need it? What can it do for them?

You need to create content in your sales funnel that provides value, educate and showcase your paid product as the next logical step.

You should gain their trust. They should be aware of why should they need it, How can they benefit from it.

 5|Create genuine urgency in your sales funnel

People love to procrastinate when it comes to spending money.

Even if there is a genuine need for a product, they convince themselves saying” I will buy it tomorrow”.

And you know what.. that tomorrow never comes.

You need to give people a real reason to buy the product you offer.

A GENUINE reason..

If you are selling an E-book and you are trying to tell your audience that you got only 7 copies left. Does it sound genuine? Noooooo….

If you are giving a Time-sensitive discount ($100 of on a $249 product for next 15 min), Cart Closing, Additional Bonus (additional products/30 min skype call/access to a Facebook group).. you have got the genuine reason for people to buy your product.

The complete sales funnel swipe file

Bonus strategy:- Invest in relevant Tools

Email Service Provider – I use and recommend checking out ConvertKit for a more advanced automation option. They have an easy-to-use interface, the right amount of features, and reasonable prices. It is highly affordable and has all the features I need for my sales funnel like Automation, Segmenting, Tagging and many more. ConvertKit is great (and I used to use them!). Click here to get a 14-day free trial.

Landing Page – Investing in a landing page plugin is a must if you want to turn your blog to business. I love Thrive landing Pages and I use it for creating all my landing pages for free and paid products. It’s a one-time site-wide license of $67. It gives you lots of styling options to get your landing pages to look exactly the way you want it. It also has integrations with most of the email service providers. You can play around with 100+ templates available in this plugin Or create your own Landing Page Template.

The platform for digital Product –  I recommend SendOwl for selling digital downloads and Teachable for selling E-courses.

SM Automation Tool – I use Tailwind for automating my pinning! It also gives you access to all kinds of analytics on how your profile and pins are performing across Pinterest. Click here to get $30 credit for free. Try it out and see if it is the right fit for you and your Pinterest Strategy!

I use Buffer for scheduling posts for my FaceBook page Blogging for Passive Income.