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How much time do you spend on creating a blog post? And what if no one is reading that?

All that hard work and yet no traffic came back to your website. Frustrating right?

Having a low volume of monthly website visitors can be depressing.

Today I’m going to show you the secret tool I use that will ignite growth in your blog traffic reports so that your content actually gets read by website visitors.

The secret tool you need to use to drive traffic to your website is Pinterest. If you’re not using Pinterest yet then you’re missing out on lots of potential traffic that could be visiting your blog.

I’ve been able to take my blog from less than 240 monthly visitors to over 5000+ monthly page views within a single month of implementing my Pinterest strategies.

I was reading a lot of articles from different bloggers about getting traffic through Pinterest. I thought lemme give a try. And Yes.. It worked.

Let me share with you how you can also increase your blog traffic with Pinterest.

First and foremost, remember you need to tackle your Pinterest strategy with plan.

Just create a pretty image, add it to your blog post, and let it sit pretty will not help you. There are a few more steps you’ll need to take.

It might sound overwhelming, don’t worry. Pinterest was made for you. It’s 100% possible to get your pins seen even if you are a new blogger. This is why every blogger, especially every beginner blogger, needs to learn the best ways to maximize Pinterest.

Lemme share with you my Pinterest tips for beginners.

Tip # 1 – Turn your Pinterest account into a business account.

One of the most important steps to take your Pinterest game to the next level is by converting your Pinterest account to a business account. A Pinterest business account gives you access to special features including Pinterest analytics.

You can either create a new Pinterest Business account for your blog + biz or convert your existing Pinterest account to a business account. The second opting will work great if you already have some follower.

Tip#2 – Enable rich pins

Rich pins provide extra information from your website compared to normal pins. You’ll need to apply to get your pins validated as Rich Pins by proving you own the website you’re linking your Rich Pins to.

You definitely need to enable rich pins if you want your pins to perform well! Rich pins pimp your pins with extra information that enhances your branding.

As people scroll down the screen, underneath your image they’ll see the article title in bold letters.

See below examples

When people click on your Pinterest image (Rich pin enabled), they see: “Article from (your Pinterest profile)”. They also get that extra description right below your logo. So even if people change the description at the bottom as they pin, everyone still sees the meta description you typed.

Rich pins do not take that long to set up. To enable rich pins for self-hosted WordPress sites, first, make sure you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. Then, visit your Yoast SEO dashboard and click the tab that says Features. Under the Advanced Settings option, make sure you’ve enabled advanced settings.

After that, go to Pinterest’s rich pins validator, paste one of your blog post URLs into the validate box on that page. Then, you’re all set! Your account should be approved for rich pins shortly after that!

Tip # 3 – Use Keywords

Pinterest works as a search engine, it operates via keywords and searches terms. So, you need to make sure your entire Pinterest account to be search-friendly.

You can use any of these tools to search for prime keywords to use:

  • Keyword Planner
  • Pinterest Keyword Tool (shows you similar Pinterest keywords)
  • The actual Pinterest search bar (type in a word and it shows you topics people are searching)

Lemme tell you some ways to optimize your Pinterest account and make it totally search-friendly:

  • Add some keywords in your Pinterest name (so when people type in a certain word, your profile comes up)
  • rename your board titles to keywords (renaming your board titles to a keyword people are searching will benefit you in the long run)
  • ensure your board descriptions are lit up with keywords
  • Include relevant keywords on all your pins description
  • Add keywords in your Pin images

Tip #4: – Create Boards

Boards are essential for organizing articles (pins) and making it easy for people to find things they’re interested in.

If you have a board dedicated to social media tips, someone looking for help on this topic will likely follow this board.

Any time you pin a new article related to social media tips, your followers of this specific board will see it in their feed.

Smart Tips: –

Create 10-15 boards relevant to your blogging niche

This will help you to share your pins multiple times without creating duplicate pins to the same board. It also helps you to add relevant content from other people.

Eg:- Blogging for beginners – Blog growth strategies, Social media Tips – Pinterest tips – Facebook tips etc.

Create a board specifically for your own Pins.

This act as your resume for future potential visitors. If someone visits your profile and wants to view your blog-specific board (I usually do that when I see some interesting post), this is your prime opportunity to make a positive impression and show them what you’ve got! So, make sure it’s obvious that that board showcases your blog posts.

Name it either after your blog, or “On the Blog” or “Latest (Blog Name) Posts”. This board actually turns into the best archive feature for your blog because everyone can just scroll down the beautiful feed of your previous blog posts.

Tip #5: – Create Vertical Pins and Repin Vertical images

The way Pinterest is set up, vertical images stand out far more than horizontal images. I recommend creating an image with a size of 600×900. Not less than that. I create Pins with a size of 800×1200. It works well for me. You can play around with the image heights and decide what works best.

Here are a few examples of vertical images on Pinterest.

Note – you don’t have to follow a specific size or consistency. You just have to aim for that vertical thumbnail so your image can stand out as people scroll down their Pinterest feeds.

I highly recommend you create multiple Pins for each post. I create 5 Pins per blog post.

I use Canva and Picmonkey for creating my Pins.

Canva has a free plan, you can make use of it to create vertical images for Pinterest. Under Create a Design, select Canva’s “Pinterest graphic” pre-setting, or use custom dimensions, to start your vertical, Pinterest-friendly image.

Picmonkey is another great option if you want to give more effects to your pins like shades and all. I have been using Picmonkey for about 2 years now to resize, crop, and edit images for my blog. It’s easy to add text to images with Picmonkey to make them pinnable. You can also use your own fonts with Picmonkey. Click here to get a 7-days free trial.

Tip# 6 – Join group boards to maximize exposure.

One of the reasons I love Pinterest is it can bring in loads of blog traffic is through group boards.

Group boards are just like regular boards, except group owners (the person who started the board) can add others collaborators who pin to the board.

The instructions on how to join a group board are typically found in the board’s description. To find group boards, you can basically stalk your favorite bloggers in your niche and see what group boards they contribute to. You can use Pingroupie to find group boards.

As a collaborator, you follow the group board’s rules and have access to pin to the board. The board’s followers consist of people who are following the group owner, as well as anyone else who chooses to follow along to that board’s content.

Joining a group board and adding your pin to it will help you to get more views if you have less following.

Click here to download 150+ Pinterest Group boards in different niche.

 Tip # 7 – Pin consistently

You have to pin not less than 50 pins per day to create your Pinterest presence. If you have only a handful of posts, then I will suggest you to go as per 60/40 rule. 60% of others content and 40 % of your content.

This will help you to gain more followers as well as avoid showing duplication of your own pins on the Pinterest boards.

Also, make sure to add to group boards and repin other content from that board.

Your audience might be from across the globe and from different time zone. Make sure to pin with regular intervals. It will help to show your pins in front of a large audience.

Tip #8 – Use an Automation tool

As a busy mom, I find it difficult to pin more pins manually. I do it some days but fail some other days. Hence I started using an automation tool called Tailwind.

I use tailwind to schedule my pins to my boards as well as group boards.

When I schedule my pins with Tailwind, it shows me the optimal times to pin. It also helps me to find out my best performing board and also group boards with more repins.

It also provide advance analytics that helps me to create my Pinning strategy every month.

I also Use Tribes another great feature of Tailwind to promote my blog.

In fact, if you use my link to sign up, you get one free month of Tailwind Plus (no credit card information required)!

 My Pinterest Strategy to Grow Website Traffic

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What do you think about these Pinterest tips for beginners? What super powerful Pinterest tip do you have to share? Let me know by commenting below.