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If you are in affiliate marketing for a while then you will always be in hunt of finding new ways that can bring you more affiliate sales and double your affiliate income.

Isn’t it?

Yes! I felt the same until I have found these secret affiliate marketing strategies of affiliate marketing. (Still experimenting with different methods. Learning never ends )

When I have first discovered these ways, I have realized that how I was not utilizing the possibilities before me to earn more income.

Before I share with you the 7 smart strategies, let me make it clear that you know the three basic things to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing.

*Most affiliate companies require you to have your own site before signing up as an affiliate. In order for this tutorial to work, you will need a blog. Starting a blog is easy and you can set up your own site for less than $4 a month! Here is my full tutorial on how you can set up your blog in 10 minutes.*

How to make money with affiliate marketing. Here are the 7 smart but less utilized ways to triple your affiliate Income in less time.

3 key ingredients of Affiliate marketing Success

 1. Right Product Mix

If you want to make a living from affiliate marketing, choose the products to promote wisely. You have to create a product mix of three types of products.

Low commission Products – These are products that give a commission less than $50/ sale. Eg: –  selling a $25 e-book with a 40% commission, you earn $10

Medium commission Products – This category Includes products with a commission between $50 and $500. Eg:- Selling a $499 E-course with a 40% commission, you earn around $200.

High commission Product – This includes the high ticket programs that offer a commission more than $500 Eg:- Selling a $5000 Coaching program with a 30% commission, you earn $1500.

Make sure to include products from all three categories (at least the first two) in your product Mix.

2. A Clear Goal

When you start promoting affiliate products, you should have a clear goal on how much you want to make each month.

You should make a clear goal.

Let’s Take an example. Your goal is to make $1000 affiliate Income by 30th of this month.

What are the products you are promoting and their respective commission?

Imagine you are promoting 5 products.

Now Let’s calculate how much sales you need a month to make $1000.

From the above table, you can understand that if you are promoting a product with a commission of $5, you have to get 200 sales to make $1000.

If you are promoting a product with a commission rate of $150, you just need 7 sales.

Now how would you decide how much weightage you have to give for each product?

Here you have to note one point when the commission rate is high, the difficulty to sell the product also will be high.

I will give you an example of how you can plan your sales.

Now you check whether the no of sales you have calculated is achievable or not.

For making these affiliate sales, you need a good amount of traffic. Do a reality check on how much traffic you are getting now and your blog traffic trend.

3. Right Traffic

To make a living from your affiliate earnings alone, you are going to need a butt load of traffic.

But to earn a few hundred or even a few thousands from affiliate products, you don’t need tons of traffic. But you do need enough.

How much? If you have got the right kind of audience, then getting 50 -100 visitors a day can result in some conversion.

To help you get more traffic to your blog, check out Lena’s Traffic transformation guide which shows you how to grow your traffic to 400k/ month in just 9 months.

Now Let’s jump into the 7 smart but less utilized ways to triple your affiliate Income in less time.

 7 smart ways to make money with affiliate marketing

1 | Create an Ebook/E-course around the product

This is an easy way to promote affiliate products. This strategy will work for promoting tools or WordPress Plugins or Softwares etc.

Some of the products in these categories will be more complex than others. So instead of offering a single tutorial post consider creating an eCourse or eBook that gives your audience a deeper learning experience.

You could make this training free and use affiliate earnings to pay for your time. This earns trust and favor with readers.

Or if it’s crazy valuable, earn from it in two ways (score!) by charging for the course.

For creating an E-course, you just need to create a screen recording on how to use a particular product. How each features works? How you use the product for your success? Etc..

You just need a screen recording software (I use screecast – o – matic) and a mic.

You can use Thinkific’s free plan to host your free course.

Let’s see some examples…

Suzi from start a mom blog created a free  e-course on Picmonkey (Now she is giving it as a bonus for other paid e-courses)

2 | Write a dedicated email series to the affiliate product

Your email subscriber list is a gold mine. If you use the right strategy, you can make a good amount of money by promoting your affiliate programs.

Create a series of emails dedicated to promoting one product.

This tactic can be used for high ticket products, but more often is used when there’s a short buying window (1 week only! Once or twice per year!- product relaunch period).

This also works well with evergreen products where you offer an additional bonus for those who purchase it through your affiliate link.

That’s because when scarcity is involved, your audience will be more patient with multiple emails.

To avoid exhausting your list with multiple promo emails in a row, use a tool like ConvertKit to tag people clicking on the topic/product you’re promoting so only they get subsequent emails.

Click here to get my Smart Sales Email Series to promote the affiliate product through email marketing.

I learned this strategy from Core Affiliate Strategy ebook. Rosemarie is a blogger who went from making $0K per month to $20K per month in just 18 months by using a unique strategy. She shares the EXACT steps she took to do it in her Core Affiliate Strategy ebook. She explains how you can create profitable “launches” to send to your email list promoting your affiliate links. Not only do you get step-by-step instructions, worksheets, and checklists, Rosemarie even includes sample emails so you know exactly what to send to your subscribers.

3 | Do a Joint Venture Webinar

This is an affiliate webinar essentially goes like this; the person with the product is selling to the other person’s audience.

How it works?

Come up with a learning topic loosely related to the affiliate product or company.

Let’s say I decide to team up with Suzi Whiteford and use her Blog by number E-course for an affiliate webinar.

My job as the affiliate is to gather leads for the webinar. I’ll promote to my list, on social media and use Facebook ads to get people to sign up for the webinar.

Once it’s the day of the webinar, I would chaperone the webinar while Suzi would run the training as well as the pitch at the end. In return for the sales made, I would gather a 40% commission on each sale and Suzi would not only sell her product but gather new audience members.

The affiliate webinar is definitely one of the best affiliate marketing strategies because it requires less work and more return. You still gain 20% – 50% of the profit just from sharing your audience with them.

Some companies, like Leadpages, Teachable, Thinkific, and ConvertKit, will even co-host the webinar if your audience is large enough.

If you’ve never seen this done in your niche, contact the company to see if they’ll team up with you. There’s a first time for everything so be a pioneer!

See some examples:-

Suzi had done a joint webinar with Convert Kit, also offered a limited time bonus for those who joined convertkit through her link.

4 | Facebook Live

Have you started using Facebook Live yet? It’s a platform to film videos in real-time to your friends and followers. It will appear in your friends and followers newsfeed.

Consider this the new style of the webinar, but in bite-sized form. You don’t have to pay for any software for broadcasting your live teaching.

I’ve been carefully paying attention to the list of bloggers and entrepreneurs who are starting to incorporate Facebook Live into their business and I’m seeing massive benefits.

I always try to watch Allison Marshall’s Facebook videos and Suzi Whiteford’s Facebook Live.

These people are not only creating a deeper bond with her audience but sharing a TON of value that her audience can use towards building their businesses.

And it got me thinking, you can totally do this with affiliate products too.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Choose the affiliate product you want to recommend during the broadcast
  • Decide on the training you want to run around the topic of the product
  • Create your outline for your training i.e 3 – 5 key points
  • Use PrettyLink to shorten and cloak your affiliate link
  • Go live and give your training! Let your personality shine!
  • Mention the link throughout your training at relevant points
  • Once the broadcast is finished, edit the status for the video and add your link

You now have an evergreen training you can use and refer to whenever you like!

Smart Tip:- You can offer a limited time bonus for those who purchase the product through your affiliate link.

Tips for a successful webinar/live event

Lemme share with you few tips to run a profitable webinar/live event.

  • Focus on a particular outcome that the audience wants to achieve and then position the product as a way to achieve those results more easily or quickly.
  • Explain what your audience need to do to achieve a certain goal, and letting them know how to use the product to achieve the goal.
  • Include an interactive walk-through showing how you use the product, including tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way.
  • A personal case study of the results you achieved using the product
  • The webinar should be valuable even to people who don’t end up buying the product
  • To get the most from a live event, remember to publish and promote your webinar replays for people who weren’t able to attend the first time around

5 | Create YouTube videos

If you like to create videos, then this is a great option.

This not only helps your current audience to understand the product more but also opens a new door to reach a new audience.

If you do not want to show your face, its ok. I heard you.

You can create screen recordings and upload it to YouTube.

Here are a few ways to use affiliate links on YouTube::

  • Create a series of videos around the topic. You just need a screen recording software (I use screecast – o – matic) and a mic.
  • Upload it to youtube
  • Use annotations to display clickable links while your video is playing
  • Include affiliate links in the description of your video
  • Verbally and visually incorporate affiliate links in your video
  • Use your channel’s description area to include affiliate links

 Pro tip: Don’t forget to check off the box “video contains paid promotion” when uploading your video. You’ll also want to have a proper affiliate disclosure in both your video (verbally / visually) and in your description!

Let’s see an example.

Pat Flynn created a 4 part series on Email Marketing with Convertkit. This is the product which made him over $300k in 3 years.

6 | Offer the affiliate product as a bonus with your Paid product

This is a good option if you are offering any paid products.

You just need to make sure that the affiliate product is related to your paid product.

You can contact the affiliate manager to get a better offer which is not generally available.

This will work well with the monthly subscription software/tools like Tailwind, ConvertKit, Leadpages, Clickfunnel etc..

See some example –

Melisa Griffin offers 2 months of Tailwind with her E-course Pinfinite Growth

Email Marketing course with  – Convertkit

7 | Offer a Bonus

Stand out from affiliate competitors by using your own products as gift incentives for people to purchase through your link.

This tactic can be done to promote all sorts of products but is more often used when affiliate commissions are high.

No product? No problem! You could offer a  consulting time, a group coaching call or an exclusive Facebook group.

Just make sure the company allows this tactic by looking through affiliate terms (search for words like incent, loyalty, rewards, cashback) or contacting your affiliate manager to confirm.

I offer my Blog smart workbook to people who purchase Siteground hosting with my affiliate link.

Blogging her way offers her e-book Get Paid to Pin to those who sign up for Making Sense of affiliate marketing through her affiliate link.


Promoting affiliate links to make money from your blog is not a dream, but you need to be consistent, diversify and experiment to grow your earnings each month.

That $9 in your affiliate account may seem like a far cry from passive income success, but if you think strategically and continue to test new methods, you will achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Do you have any other creative ideas to promote your affiliate products? Share with me by commenting below.