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Owning an email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a blogger or business owner.

Unlike social media, where algorithm changes can make it almost impossible to reach your followers, you will always have your email list and be able to get directly in touch with them.

Not to mention, email marketing is still the most effective channel for online marketing.

Do you know that you can promote an affiliate products through your emails?

Yes. You heard it right.

Your email subscriber list is a gold mine. If you use the right strategy, you can make a good amount of money by promoting your affiliate programs.

I make a large part of my affiliate income every month from my email list.

And the best part is, it is totally passive!

I make affiliate sales from my email list almost every day from sales funnels that only took me a few hours to set up.

Now, the potential for income is limitless!

In this post, I am going to share with you ways to promote affiliate products through emails.

  1. Create a dedicated email series for the affiliate product
  2. Create an email series for the affiliate product that launches once or twice a year
  3. Promote affiliate product through your newsletter
  4. Add affiliate links to your email signature.
  5. Write promotional emails to milk the holiday season

1 | Create a dedicated email series for the affiliate product

Create a series of emails dedicated to promoting one product.

This works well with evergreen products where you offer an additional bonus for those who purchase it through your affiliate link.

That’s because when scarcity is involved and a bribe is offered, your audience will be more patient with multiple emails.

To avoid exhausting your list with multiple promo emails in a row, use a tool like ConvertKit to tag people clicking on the topic/product you’re promoting so only they get subsequent emails.

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2 | Create an email series for the product that launches once or twice a year

This is similar to the first tactic. The only difference is you cannot promote it throughout the year.

You have to create email series based on the updates and additional bonuses offered on each launch.

Here also you can offer an additional bonus to the people who buys the product through your link.

For example, Genious Blogger’s Tool Kit is available for purchase twice a year. It offers almost $5k worth products for $97.

You will get to know when it is going to release from the website or the affiliate newsletter from ultimate bundles.

Create 2-3 emails to promote GBT.

You can offer one of your products as a Bonus. I have seen blogger’s giving a list of 2-3 products of their own and asking the subscribers to choose the one they want as a bonus.

3 | Promote affiliate product through your newsletter

Perhaps you’re not ready to devote an entire series of emails to one affiliate product. I hear you.

You can try a less aggressive approach by featuring your chosen product in a small part of your newsletter instead.

he best placement would be your welcome email, as they yield the highest open rates, but regular broadcast emails and drips work well too.

Here’s an example of a regular broadcast email with affiliate links, courtesy of Amy Lynn Andrews’ Useletter:

Here’s another example of a regular broadcast email with affiliate links, courtesy of Justine Grey – Affiliate Ace.

4 | Add affiliate links to your email signature.

Most of us spend a lot of time processing emails.

Try including an affiliate mention in your email signature.

This is a quick and easy tactic to implement that will see a lot of action.

You could link to the product itself, or even better, link to an in-depth review on your site.

Just make sure the product you offer makes sense for the majority of people you interact with.

5 | Write promotional emails to milk the holiday season

Holidays are the time people tend to buy more. It is the time most of the companies offer additional discounts.

It is the time people like me prefer to buy most of the essential products for personal use and business purpose.

You can create a series of emails for promoting affiliate products.

Create a list of products based on a particular theme and write emails around that. Promote those to people who are interested in a particular category.

(Convertkit allows you to tag people based on interest.)

Creating and keeping a holiday calendar will make your task easy.

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