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Hey Momma bloggers!!!

Want to know how to increase traffic to your new mom blog? As a mom blogger, I understand your time is precious and your kids are more important than your blog. So make your time count and find the strategies that will work to grow your audience.

In today’s post I am going to share with you my best tips get traffic to your blog.

These are the ones I have tried and tested. And you know it really work. 

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So let’s start!!!


You are not the only one person who write about a topic. Whichever topic you choose, there are at least 1000 people who have already written about your topic.

Then how will you get noticed? The one thing that will truly set you apart from other bloggers is who you are. Let your personality come shine through your posts and include a few personal stories here and there.

Try to make every piece of content exceptional. Because when you do, people will start to notice and share it without you even asking. The more people share, the more traffic you get.

Focus on audience

Always think about your audience needs when you write a new content.

  • Who is she? Eg:- A stay at home mom who want  to start a blog
  • What are her goals? Eg:- To get noticed online, earn some income from her blog and turn her blog into an online business
  • What’s stopping her from achieving the desired goal? Eg:- Lack of time, shiny object syndrome, and lack of self- confidence.
  • What mistakes is she making? Eg: – Focusing on wrong strategies based on the information available without understanding her current stage in the blogging journey.
  • What mental block does she have to overcome? Eg:- Believing she is not an expert.

Once have a clear picture about your audience, then it is easy for you to write for her.

Now, when you write your blog post, include useful, practical and easy to implement tips with quick results.

Always keep in mind that how can you improve your reader’s life with your content. What is the ONE benefit she will get from reading your content.

Write Posts That Grow Your Traffic

There are some definitive posts that will help boost your traffic if you use the correct strategies. Lemme give you some examples

  1. How to Post/ Tutorials – People love tutorials. This is something which makes life easy. Rather trying out by self, people search if any tutorials are available in the web.  Eg:- How to start a blog in 10 easy steps.
  2. List Posts – Don’t you stop by seeing a search result in google or pin shows “100 ways of getting something done”. I do. This is a human psychology, which forces you to click on those kind of posts. Eg:- 53 ways to get traffic to your blog(this post)
  3. Review posts – Have you ever purchased any product when the review is bad? These kind of posts not only get you more traffic, but gain you more affiliate income too. Eg:- My honest review on Elite blogging Academy
  4. Case studies – These are little more detailed review about a product. How did used the product, what are their outcomes after using a particular product etc. Eg:- How Tailwind helped me to 3x my traffic
  5. Interview with influencers – The real-life look into another person’s life is exciting, especially if it’s on a topic that your readers are interested in. Reach out to one of your role models who has a large following. Find a hot topic that will benefit both of your audiences and come up with a list of interview questions to ask. Email them to get permission. Once completed, send them the completed and edited post to them for review before you publish it on your blog.
  6. Features Posts – You can write a featured post on a person you absolutely admire OR a product you love. Eg:- Why I love MailerLite.


If you are just started blogging, you might feel scared about the term SEO. If you can give little extra attention, you can optimize your blog posts for search engines like Google & Bing. Here are some tips for SEO.

  • Use Long Tail keywords Example of a long tail keyword: Budget Living with Children, instead of just the keywords ‘budget Living’
  • Use keywords in your URL – Update your permalink
  • Keywords in your Post Titles
  • Use your long tail keywords in the headings on your post
  • Use headings and sub headings (H2, H3)
  • Use keyword rich headings for each of the steps
  • Consider using keywords in anchor text in internal links while using key words.
  • Write long and good quality articles. Minimum 1000 words length. The longer someone spends on your post, the more Google sees it as important.
  • Use your keywords again in your meta description. Your meta description is the few sentences of text shown under the main title link in a Google Search.
  • Internal Linking – Create links between your posts. This will show Google you have more authority on the subject and help boost your rankings.
  • Add keywords to your images ALT text
  • Add relevant images in every 300-400 words.
  • Use Yoast SEO plugin, it guides you through optimizing every post for SEO.
  • Setup your site with Google Search Console to make it easier for Google to find you.


It’s no secret that social media is now playing a crucial role in terms of marketing. I recommend you choose 2-3 social media platforms and concentrate on those.

My favorite are Pinterest (actually not a social media, it’s a visual search engine, Facebook and Google+.

Promote blog post on Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite platform. I get 60-70% of my traffic from Pinterest.

  • Create a Pinterest Business Account
  • Create 10 -15 boards relevant to your niche and include one board exclusively for all of your own pins. This will be your ‘Best of (your site)’ board.
  • Join multiple group boards. Grab my spreadsheet of 150 Pinterest boards to join.
  • Sign up for an automation service to help you pin. I use Tailwind  for Scheduling and Looping my Pins
  • Create 1-2 pins for each blog post so that you have more to share and can do A/B test.
  • Pin consistently. I pin an average of 60 pins per day following the 70/30 rule. If you are just started your blog, you can choose 20/80 (20% your  post and 80% others posts)
  • Pin your own posts to group boards.
  • 1 pin a day to each group board you contribute to. Also repin 2-3 of others pins.

Promote blog post on Facebook

FB groups are great for getting traffic, growing list and gaining more clients.

  • Join 5-10 relevant groups. Click here to join my group Smart Mom Bloggers.
  • Give a great introduction
  • Participate on Promo days
  • Join conversation and add links to your relevant blog posts (follow the rules)

You can also create an Official Facebook Page for your site.

Promote blog post on Google+

This is the tip I got from Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide. Google does prioritize it’s own content.


There are so many ways to network with other bloggers.

  1. Blog Commenting – Do comment on blogs when you like an article. Make sure your comment consists of at least 3 sentences. No comments like “nice post”, “great post”. Add your Blog name along with your name while commenting. I use Soumya | Smart Home Economist.
  2. Guest Posting – Guest posting positions you as an authority and expert even when you don’t have the years to show for it. Ensure to write great and fresh content. It will give you an opportunity to present your knowledge and skill in front of new audience and also help you to increase list. When people take the time to leave a comment, reply to every single one even if the host responds to the comment.
  3. Accept guest Posts – Have you notices when you go to some blogs, there is a section “As seen.. and some site name. If you allow guest posting, people will add your site name too. It will help you get noticed online.
  4. Backlinks – Write great and helpful content, people gonna link back to your site as a reference.
  5. Link to influencer’s content – Share influencers’ work in the form of examples and case studies in your own post. This not only boosts your authority as someone who knows your niche but it also gives you the opportunity to build good relationship with influencers. The important step though is to email them and let them know you’ve linked to one of their posts or resources. Send them an email to let them know you appreciate their work and share your resource.And when they decide to share your work, it’s an enormous opportunity to get in front of their fan base


I recommend you use a clear theme. Make it easy to navigate. Chose a style for writing your posts. And use a consistent font. Also, incorporate some white space on your blog.

Here are some tips

  1. Use a Premium Theme. I use Victoria Theme from  Bluchic.
  2. Create a minimalist menu bar.
  3. Add social share buttons.- I use a plugin called Social Warfare. It gives you the option of placing share buttons at the top and bottom of each post. Also you can upload images for various social media platform in this.
  4. Include related posts under each blog post. I use related posts zamanta plugin to do theat job
  5. Add Images. If you have a pin image or infographic, display it clearly on the post.
  6. Add a Pin it button for your images.
  7. Include Click to tweets within each post.


Your email list is one of the most valuable assets of your blog.

I don’t believe in bombarding your friend’s(subscriber’s) inbox with blog post updates. But you can still link to your posts by adding value in the email.

For any post that you’re directing your subscribers to, give them with a brief idea about the blog post.

You can also send:-

  1. Weekly Roundup: Email a weekly roundup of best tips to your subscribers.
  2. Include a Call to Action: Always have a Call to Action to let the reader know what to do. Ask them to share your article on social media, this in turn will bring more visitors and potential subscribers to your blog.
  3. Add Click to tweets and share links within your emails. They work and your subscribers will be happy to share it for you if they’re loving your content


Consistency is the key to get an online presence and grow traffic. Here are my suggestions to maintain consistency.

  1. Create a blogging schedule. If you are a busy mom like me, posting every day will not be a good option for you. You can try publishing 1-2 posts / week.
  2. Choose 5-7 Facebook groups. Participate in the discussion often. Utilize the Promo Days.
  3. Use automation tools like Tailwind (for Pinterest) and Buffer (Facebook) to schedule your social promotion.
  4. Create a Pin Template in canva. It will help you in creating new pins with ease and branding your pins.
  5. Use a spreadsheet to track your blog posts and links. So whenever you need it you can easily access it.


Getting traffic to your new blog is not that hard. If you use the strategies I mentioned in the blog post, you can get the desired traffic growth in less time.  Here are the 7 strategies to gain tons of traffic to your blog.

  • Write exceptional content
  • Optimize your blog Post for search engine
  • Promote through social media
  • Blogger outreach
  • Design your blog for traffic
  • Utilize your list
  • Be consistent

Try these and I guarantee your blog’s growth will surpass your expectations whether it’s just started or 6 months old.

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