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Creating an entire sales funnel can feel like a really overwhelming task.

One way to overcome this and make building your funnel manageable and organized is to think of your sales funnel as five separate Phases.

I also prefer to break it down this way because it makes it easier to optimize each piece of your funnel and build it gradually.

A sales funnel can be made up of emails, webinars, video content, or any other kind of content that you feel comfortable producing.

My favorite, and one of the most effective, is a Free Email Course that leads into your paid product with strategic, intentional marketing messages and pitching.

This is a great system to introduce new visitors to you and your product, and educate them, give tons of value and pitch with strategic marketing messages.

So let’s get started!

A Sales funnel can be made up of emails, webinars, video content, or any other kind of content that you feel comfortable producing.My favorite, and one of the most effective, is a Free Email Course that leads into your paid product with strategic, intentional marketing messages and pitching.



What is an email course?

An email course is a sequence of emails that are sent automatically by your Email Service Provider. In my experience this is the best way to grow your list, build a relationship and gain trust and make passive income.

How can you create a high converting email course?

Choose a topic – You have to choose a topic based on what product you have to offer.

Write the email sequence – You can repurpose your existing blog posts related to the topic. If you do not have any, then write fresh content. Make sure you provide valuable information through emails. Don’t write for the sake of creating an email course. It will not give you the expected result.

No. of emails in the course – I recommend you to include more than 5 emails. A 5 days course or a 7-days course works better.  If you create more than 10 days, people will lose interest.

Let’s break it down.

Email 1 – Welcome Email. Send immediately after someone signs up. Explain in brief about the free email course.

Email 2 – Educational message. Include a personal story of yours. Give pure value to your subscribers. You should use this to show your expertise on the topic.

Email 3 – Educational message. In this email, you are gonna bust all myths related to the topic

Email 4 – Educational message. You are going to tell them the mistakes you did or the struggles you faced. This email is designed to show them that you were exactly in the same situation that they are now. You can mention your product in this email.

Email 6 – Soft sell. Now that you have shown the mistakes you have done and unveiled the myths, you need to provide a solution. Show them your turning point and how you got the solution. You can mention your product and a link to your sales page.

Email 5 – Educational message. Give 2-3 techniques to solve the problem. You can mention your product and a link to your sales page. You can include case studies, testimonials, and success stories to add more value.

Email 6 – Hardsell – This is the actual product pitch email. Remind your subscribers about where are they now, struggling with the problem, where they could be if they like to use your product. Highlight the benefit or the result they will get when they use the product. This is called Benefit Oriented Promotion.

Email 7 – Thank you email

Smart Tip:- If you have any affiliate products such as a tool or software which helped you to solve the problem related to the topic, you can include it,(Including a screenshot will give added effect).


A landing page is a distraction-free page. This means that there is no navigation menu, footer and no links to your blog, or blog posts.

For the smooth running of the sales funnel, you need the following type of landing pages

  • A landing page for your free email course
  • Tripwire Page/A Thank you page with One Time Offer/ (Optional)
  • A Thank you Page
  • Core offer

Most of the Email Service Providers offer landing pages.

Convertkit also offers multiple landing pages.

If you want to make your landing page to look more professional, the two landing pages that I highly recommend are:

Why do you need a Landing Page for your Free email course?

You might think why I should create a landing page for my email course why not an opt-in form.

The reasons are:-

  • Landing pages convert more than an opt-in form. The conversion rate would be more than 30%.
  • You can promote it easily in social Medias

Let’s look at the four main components of a landing page

  • An enticing Headline – The name of your freebie
  • The hook of your freebie – the main benefit or main promise of your opt-in freebie
  • Descriptive Sub-head –It should clarify the headline and describes the offer in further detail
  • Bullet points – describes the pain points or problems does your opt-in freebie solve
  • A screenshot, mock-up or visual of your opt-in freebie
  • Testimonials – If you have any (this act as an extra bonus)
  • Opt-in form portion

Here’s how some of these elements are presented on a sample Bluchic Opt-in page template.

Tripwire Page

This is the page that you can direct someone after they sign up to your list. A low priced product called a tripwire which is usually less than $30 is presented to the new subscriber. The main objective is to turn that new subscriber into a buyer as soon as possible.

A person who has bought once from you is likely to buy from you again. The tripwire is an impulse buy that seems too good to miss out on. It’s a no-brainer purchase and something the subscriber knows they want and need.

Let’s look at the four main components of a tripwire page

  • Give clear instructions to the reader about where’s the download they signed up for? Why are they on this page?
  • Grab their attention immediately with an enticing headline. When someone signs up for you’re your free email course, they are not expecting that they will be offered something to purchase. So you have to write a headline that captures their attention and convince them that they really have to invest in the product.
  • Product description as on the sales page.
  • A mock-up or visual of what your offer looks like is extremely powerful.
  • A timer to make it clear that this is a one-time offer. A ticking timer drives that impulse buy. The timer can be set for 15 – 20 min.

Here’s how each of these elements is presented on a sample one-time offer/tripwire sales page

A thank you page

Create a simple thank you page to redirect the customer once they purchase your tripwire offer.

Confirm that their request has gone through and that they are about to receive what they wanted

Share links work to your benefit because they help your free email course to reach more people.

Click here to see a sample thank you page.


Core offer

This is where your value-packed email course directs your subscribers.

Which means this is your chance to change someone’s world and achieve your income goal.

One of the most important things to keep in mind with your core offer is you’ve to give a detailed, value-packed product/service that helps your customer achieve a specific outcome, goal or result.

So what can you offer?

Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • An online course
  • Tickets to your premium live event
  • High-ticket coaching
  • A monthly membership
  • Done-for-you services
  • Group coaching programs
  • A software
  • A boot camp
  • Mentorship
  • A physical product

The choice is yours!

At the end of the email course, you will be directing your subscriber to the sales page of your core offer.

You might already have a sales page for your product. Still lemme tell you the basic components of a sales page.

  • An enticing headline
  • The subheading to bring attention to the problem
  • Bullets that tease the product
  • A screenshot, mock-up or visual of your opt-in freebie
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • The reason why they should trust you with the topic of your product
  • How exactly does your product get rid of the pain point
  • Bonus Products
  • Payment gateway

See a sample sales page from Bluchic landing page templates


What good can your sales funnel going to do for you if it doesn’t have a steady stream of traffic entering it?

Now use the brain to find all possible ways to promote your Free Email Course.

Lemme give some tips on promotion.

  • Create an Optin Image and add it to the relevant blog posts and link it to the landing page.

See examples from my site.

  • Create 3-5 Pins and promote it in Pinterest using your own boards and group boards. For continuous promotion use an automation tool like Tailwind.
  • Promote it through your Facebook page- Create multiple images.
  • Promote it through Facebook groups
  • Create a Twitter card and promote it
  • If you are ready for paid promotion, then try with Facebook Ads and Promoted Pins.

So there you have it! A complete sales funnel to make sales on auto-pilot.

Does it seem like a lot of work? Honestly, it does take some time to get all the emails written and scheduled into your funnel.

That’s why I’m providing you with a free The complete sales funnel swipe file that includes the sales funnel Blueprint, Recommended tools that you’ll need to create your first sales funnel.  Take them, tweak them, and make them your own for your own business!

The complete sales funnel swipe file

And don’t forget that, once you get this all set up one time…..it’s ALL automated!

That means you can spend your time working on other parts of your business, or even taking a day off! Once you have an Automated Sales funnel set up, the options are limitless for how you spend your time rather than always struggling to make a new sale.