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What if waking up every day with surprise money in your Paypal account?

What if implementing a simple strategy that will bring in some money while growing list?

What if you create something today, and that can fetch you a fair amount of money every day?

In this post, I am going to share with you a simple strategy I implemented that helped me make money every single day.

Yes. You are right!  I am talking about creating a Simple Tripwire Funnel. I will also share with you how I use Pinterest to boost my tripwire income.

Let’s dive into the details.

Creating a tripwire funnel not only gets you an income while growing your list, but it helps you convert your readers into instant customers. Tripwire products actully helps you cover the running cost of your blogging business.

What is a tripwire?

A tripwire is a low priced offer (which is usually less than $50) to a visitor that has just signed up for one of your free lead magnets on your site.

The offer is usually a one-time-offer that can only be accessed on that page (thank you for subscription page) or is a timed offer that is only available for a few minutes or hours.

Instead of redirecting recent subscriber to the freebie immediately or to a thank you page, I gave them a quick One Time Offer/Tripwire Offer.

This is a win-win for both of us! They get a nice deal and I get passive income. Cool right?

The main objective of the tripwire offer is to turn that new subscriber into customers as soon as possible.

The logic is a person who has bought once from you is likely to buy from you again. The tripwire is an impulse buy that seems too good to miss out on.

It’s a no-brainer purchase and something the subscriber knows they want and need.

Why you need a tripwire funnel and why are they so effective?

  • They are low priced products (Priced Between $5 – $27 or huge discount for a high priced product) with limited time offer. Giving people the urgency of only 15 minutes along with a low price point is really a no brainer for those people that just hate to wait.
  • Tripwire offers are extremely powerful in converting a fresh lead from cold to warm in the click of a button.
  • It allows you to establish your authority on that particular topic right off the bat.
  • It is the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of passive income and sales funnel.

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Components of a high converting Tripwire Funnel

Now that I gave you a quick overview of a tripwire, Let’s get more in detail about the components of a high converting tripwire.

Then we will go over how you can set up a high converting tripwire funnel for your blog.

1. An Irresistible offer

A tripwire product needs to be something of high value that can give your readers a quick win.

Your product should be small, actionable digital products that provide instant value to the buyer.

It should provide much more value than the price you put on it. Some internet marketers offer tripwires at 17,9, 7, 5… even $4.99! Remember, the first goal isn’t revenue, it’s trust.

It should help your customer solve a problem a little bit of the way and give them a quick win and that problem should relate to your free content and your paid offerings.

The key to a great tripwire is that it solves a specific problem.

Your Tripwire product could be a workbook, discounted trial to your membership, a webinar recording, a planner, spreadsheet.. the possibilities are endless.

2. A Giant Discount

The next ingredient for a profitable tripwire is a huge discount. Most tripwires are heavily discounted (at least 50%)

This is the part that makes the subscriber consider the offer. It shows that the subscriber can purchase this highly valuable product at such a lower price. It’s a no brainer.

Let’s talk about pricing a bit more in detail.

Be honest when it comes to pricing your product. Think about how much you would normally price the product if you were selling it on your blog. Then come up with a discounted price.

Don’t say your product is worth $97 and sell it for $17 so it looks like a good deal. The product should actually worth $97. If not, you lose your audience’s trust.

3.Time sensitivity

The last component of a high – converting tripwire offer is time- sensitivity.

Adding that sense of urgency is what makes your subscriber take the final decision to purchase.

Usually, the time frame is anywhere between 7-30 minutes. After the time is up, they lose their chance to purchase the tripwire offer at the discounted price.

This helps to push the subscriber to click the buy button.

How to create a simple yet profitable tripwire funnel

Before diving into the step by step process, let me remind you that Tripwire Product is the bridge between your free offers — usually, that’s a blog post > free opt-in incentive — and your email marketing content.

Adding a tripwire will look like this, then:

Free content > Free opt-in incentive > Tripwire > Email content

Let’s look into the steps

1 – Create an irresistible opt-in freebie or use an existing one.

This can be an e-Book, Email course, or anything that you think your audience would feel is very valuable.

This should be relevant to the blog post and related to the Tripwire product.

Now what?

 Create A Signup Form

I hope you already have a sign-up form for your Optin Freebie.

[I use Convertkit for email marketing. Click here to get your first 1000 subscribers free]

Use enticing headlines and persuading button text to increase sign-ups.

You can also create an opt-in graphic that will visually appeal to your audience and urge them to sign up and download your content upgrade!

Once you create your freebie and opt-in form, make sure you promote it on all relevant blog posts.

I use Mailerlite for email marketing and it helps me to create visually appealing opt-in forms.

 Create a landing page for your Freebie

I recommend you to create a landing page for your freebie.

This will help you to promote your freebie directly through social media platforms.

Also, it will increase the conversion rate.

2 – Create a valuable Tripwire offer related to your freebie.

Now its time to create your actual tripwire offer. This should fit well with the freebie and with your niche.

You can offer anything you want.

Digital downloads like a workbook, planner, e-books, Swipe files, Checklists…

Video tutorials, workshops, masterclass…

Templates like social media templates, spreadsheets, email marketing templates..

The possibilities are unlimited.

Don’t have a product yet?

Don’t worry, you can reach out to the owner of a product you’re an affiliate for. You can ask for a discount coupon code. Promote it as your tripwire product.

Else promote an affiliate product through your tripwire page and offer an incentive like giving access to your Facebook group, or an exclusive freebie or some other bonus.

3 – Choose a platform to host the product

You need to create a system to deliver the product after someone purchases it.

You can use a tool like SendOwl to complete the purchase and deliver the product.

SendOwl handles the payment as well as the delivery of the digital product. It is super easy to set up and affordable too.

The plan starts with $9 and if you want to set up your affiliate program, then go for a $15 plan.

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4 – Create an irresistible sales page for your tripwire

After you create the Tripwire product, you need to create a sales page for your offer.

You can create a landing page with the Thrive Architect plugin. You can drag and drop the elements to make the sales page exactly the way you want. It also has 150+ premade templates.

Don’t want to design your own tripwire page? You can get this done with Bluchic Landing Page Templates. It is especially for bloggers to save time on creating landing pages.

Let’s look at the four main components of a tripwire page

  • Give clear instructions to the reader about where’s the download they signed up for? Why are they on this page?
  • Grab their attention immediately with an enticing headline. When someone signs up for your freebie, they are not expecting that they will be offered something to purchase. So you have to write a headline that captures their attention and convince them that they really have to invest in the product.
  • A short sales page. Describe what is included and the main benefits.
  • A mock-up or visual of what your offer looks like is extremely powerful.
  • Highlight the benefits of the tripwire product
  • Highlight the discounted and regular price tag to show how good the deal is.
  • Add a Buy Button. I personally like to put 2 chances for subscribers to click the buy button

5 – Add a countdown timer on your tripwire page

One more thing you should add to your Tripwire sales page is a Countdown Timer. This is for adding that sense of urgency.

I usually set a 15 minutes Timer. I use Thrive Architect for creating my landing pages. Count down feature is available there.

You can do it with the Evergreen countdown plugin. It is a free plugin.

After you set the timer you can have it redirect to the sales page without discount or your general thank you page.

6 – Have readers redirect to your tripwire as soon as they opt-in

Now go to your Email Marketing Software and make the necessary changes to the Optin Form setting.

Instead of sending the subscribers to the confirmation page, redirect them to the tripwire page.

And that’s it.. You have created your first tripwire funnel.

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3 tips I use Pinterest to boost my tripwire Income

I am a huge fan of Pinterest marketing and it is my No.1 source for traffic. Here are the three tips I use for building my email list and thereby increasing my tripwire income.

  • I create multiple Pin graphics for the blog post in which I embedded the opt-in form. To increase conversion, I create a Pin Graphic with CTA Image
  • Create Multiple Pin Images for the landing page (I mentioned earlier that I create a separate landing page for most of my lead magnets). This drives traffic directly to the opt-in page.
  • Use a scheduler to automate the promotion. Tailwind is my superstar. I do 70% of my pinning with Tailwind. Also, I pin manually 2-3 times a day.

The long term advantage of Tripwire

Okay. Now you might have a question in your mind – all these efforts for making a few dollars?

Tripwires are an amazing way to make passive income on autopilot from a process that originally would have made you $0.

A few dollars are better than $0 right?

See..the purpose of this tripwire offer is warm up people to the idea of buying from you.

The people who have bought your tripwire are the ones most likely to buy from you again. These are your loyal fans.

These are the people who have a belief that you provide good value and your products are worth the investment.

And all that is worth WAY more than few dollars.

The complete sales funnel swipe file