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If you are a blogger, who wants to turn your blog into a profitable business then you need some resources that helps you take it up to the next level.

You have to make a decision whether you are going to level it up or give it up.

I believe that you need to invest money to make money.

Easier said than done when you are making nothing or what you are making is not as much as you want to. Right?

Deciding to “go pro” and invest in my business was a huge step I took in my first 6 months. This was not only in the right direction but took me out of my comfort zone.

I was very much the free resources and find cheap alternative kind of girl (coz we were living oly with my husband’s income).

I use to think twice and thrice before buying anything. And most of the time I just wouldn’t make the investment even after knowing that I need it if I want to grow my blogging business.

Once I decided to finally make the commitment to my business and make some strategic investments. (I borrowed the money from my Husband and my Brother) This actually forced me to kick my ass off and work hard to get the ROI.

The strategic Investment I made that grown my blogging business substantially in just 3 months since I re-launched. (confession – I started my blog in June 2016, but I didn’t do much almost a year)

In this post, I am going to share with you those 7 techs I invested in, Why I chose them and the results I have been getting using them.


A self-hosted WordPress blog is defiantly the way to go if you want to build a professional and successful blog.

I chose Siteground because I had heard from pretty much every blogger that Siteground is the best hosting provider with awesome 24/7 customer service. They have an incredible uptime – 99.99%.

I purchased the GrowBig plan which has the SuperCacher,  which makes my site load extremely fast (which helps you get better rankings in Google) and increases the number of visitors your blog can handle.

And they offer SSL certificate for one year completely free.

Checkout my step by step guide on starting a blog with siteground

 Bluchic theme

Having a theme that’s functional and fully supports what you’re trying to achieve on your website is so important.

That’s why I chose the Victoria Theme by Bluchic.

They are so pretty, feminine, and functional.

They also have AMAZING customer support and help guides for all of their themes.


I am a Convertkit fan girl. I started my email marketing with Mailchimp. But soon realized that it is not what I exactly wanted.

Then I shifted to Convertkit.

I had a vision of how I wanted to treat my list, and what role it is going to play in my business growth.

I started using ConvertKit with it’s free trial. I tried and tested it.

Convertkit was easy to use and helped me bring my vision to life. Finally I concluded that this is the one I want.

Three things I love about convertKit the most are

  • Tagging
  • Automation
  • User interface

Click here get a free trial.

 Thrive Landing Pages

Landing pages help grow your brand in various ways.

I purchased Thrive landing when my blogging business was at a stage where I needed to add several sales pages as well as landing pages.

I wanted a landing page for my free email courses and sales pages for my e-books. And I wanted to create it with my own style.

Thrive Landing Page has ove 150 templates with an easy drag and drop editor.

It gives you lots of styling options to get your landing pages to look exactly the way you want it. It also has integrations with most of the email service providers.

I created My Own templates for digital downloads, Tripwire offer and free email courses.

Click here to checkout Thrive landing pages


I use pinterest to get traffic to my website. The first couple of months I pinned manually. As a busy mom to a toddler son, It was overwhelming for me.

I wanted something to ease my task.

Tailwind became my lifesaver.

I use Tailwind for automating my pinning! Tailwind App is the ONLY approved API partner by Pinterest for scheduling pins.

You can schedule your pins to be pinned when you want, and they also have other cool features such as Tailwind Tribes. The tribes are similar to Group boards, so it is another great way to get your pins in front of more eyes!

They have also recently added Instagram scheduling! It also gives you access to all kinds of analytics on how your profile and pins are performing across Pinterest.

Click here to get your first-month Tailwind for free. Try it out and see if it is the right fit for you and your Pinterest Strategy!


Before I started using the paid version, I was already using SendOwl to join other affiliate programs and found it really easy to use.

I decided to make some money while growing my list (didn’t wanted to ask for money from hubby all the time for running the business).

Created a small digital product as decided to offer it as One time offer.

Then I purchased the basic Plan which costs $9/month.

It’s so easy to use. All you do is go into the ‘Product’ section, upload your product, add a price, click save, grab your button code, put it up on your website and then people can buy. It’s THAT easy!

Later I upgraded to $15/month plan when I started selling my e-books and created my own affiliate program.

Now I make money from SendOwl from four different ways.

  • Affiliate commission from the programs I joined
  • Selling my own products
  • Referral commission
  • Additional sales from my own affiliate team

Click here to check out Sendowl with a free trial.

 Now it’s your turn.

Share with me what are the tech/software investments you made in your first 6 months of blogging.